Yard long beans?

Has anyone tried yard long beans? Real seeds have some dwarf ones i’m tempted by

I have had a few times. 3 seasons if I remember well.
Advice: grow them under cover or if you live on a warm(ish) climate. They also needd plenty of vertical space.
I grew them on a polytunnel and on 2 seasons they were reasonably successful. No massive crops but it was fun to grow them and cook with them.

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Thanks! We live in the north with no green house so maybe best not!

Not tried a dwarf one. For me in the polytunnels the plants grow a few feet high, begin to flower, and damp off. At least with a dwarf one it would damp of earlier leaving the space to try something else. I’ve never tried them out of doors. May well have a go at this version to see whether I can finally get them to grow since it is something we buy quite regularly if we happen to be in an Asian supermarket