What's happening in your container garden this month (April)?

It’s Easter holidays, the days are drawing longer and the sun is shining (as I write at least!). How is your container garden doing? What have you sown so far? What is coming up well? Anything you are excited about?

Hi Mark, I have sown several type of cabbages in trays and planted them out in 10 inch pots and in the raised bed. Further peas, sugar snaps, runner beans, broad beans, radish, blauw schokker peas, but we dry them too and uses them as beans. Carrots, spring onion, onions, leeks. leeks are sofar not very succesful. As I said in another reply loads of courgettes, squashes and tomatoes. Some in pots some in the raised beds. Eveline


Hi Mark,

We have been having a drought, and I’m very excited about three days of Easter rain we have had. The lettuce mix is growing nicely. My ‘tea bushes’ are taking off: basil and lemon grass :wink: Jean


We’re still quite new to this but sweetcorn, courgette, broccoli, butternut squash and cauli have all sprouted. We’ve planted some herbs. I’ve planted some peppers but not a lot has happened yet. Thinking if it’s not too late some French beans would be good so going to have a look tomorrow.

Also today put in some spring onion, rocket and mixed spicy lettuce leaves.
I bought a golden raspberry last year and put it in a big pot and it’s definitely sprouting - hope it is happy! Would like some rhubarb so that’s another thing to look for.

Ha, clever naming, growing herbs for teas is so rewarding.

I’ve often found root veg quite hit and miss in containers. I don’t grow them much anymore because they only give you one harvest - so concentrate more on herbs and crops like tomatoes and courgettes that can be harvested over several weeks.

I usually sow my French beans in late April or early May - they hate the cold so later sowings often do better. Rhubarb is brilliant as a container crop! It needs a big pot and takes a year or two to get going but then is very productive and tasty.

Hi Mark;
The garden soil has RootKnot Nematodes so this year I am growing in containers again until I can do something about the nematodes. I also started including a large smoothie to me and my husband’s diet, so I am mostly growing Kale, Collards, and Chard, but couldn’t resist to grow a few tomatoes too. The greens are so productive and provides all the greens for our daily smoothie. Not only is it saving us money, it’s also the best quality no money can buy :herb::herb::herb:

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Great idea to grow for smoothies… are you growing them as small microgreens or in larger tubs? Perhaps you could share your favourite smoothie recipe in our recipe section if you have time…

Just as a small point of etiquette on this forum, @eefcawdor28, @baghdadi.abeer, @JeanKuster. There’s no need to reply to posts with “Hi Mark” . If you press the Reply button on my comment, your answer will automatically be shown as a reply to my question. (I also don’t want to give people the impression this is ‘my forum’ - when the aim is for it to be a community forum for all growers). If you want to attract my or another members attention you can flag them by typing @ followed by their username - and they will be notified.

I hope this makes sense!

I grow them in large containers. The easiest and basic smoothie recipe is:
2 cups of water
2. Bananas
1 apple
1 orange ( peeled )
And a large bunch of greens
Blend All and enjoy :yum:

There are more recipes like this link to one by Jason vale the juice master

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Thanks for pointing that out. It makes a lot of sense.

Happy growing,

Jean Kuster

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Today I started a growkit for oyster mushrooms. A dutch company grows oyster mushrooms on coffee ground. They also sell growkits for households. I’ve put the oyster mushroom spawn in the plastic container together with the fresh coffee grounds of this morning. In a couple of days the coffee ground will become white (I hope), then I’ll have to put on more coffee ground…

On my balcony I’ve sown spinach, chard, radish, spring onions and lettuce. The first four are doing fine. The lettuce (red salad bowl) is not showing up. A couple of days ago there were some cold nights here, maybe that is the reason. I will wait a few more days before thinking about other seeds.

And then my lemon tree. It was my first impulsive buy last year. Looking back I should have bought a winterhard fig tree. But two days ago I saw green shoots coming from the branches. I’ll see what is going to happen. I’ve put woodchips on top of the ground and this morning some of my first selfmade wormcompost.

While writing this message I heard some calls of a blue tit. So I think the nest in the cavity wall is doing allright.