What did you grow from last year's seed swap?

As we start the 2019 seed swap, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things we grew from last year’s swap. One of my favourite’s is this blueberry tomato from @sarapaaschknudsen.

Such an unusual and beautiful colour. We’ve had an odd summer, lots of cold, wet weather and this variety has been one of the slowest to ripen - but finally some are coming through and they are worth the wait.

Other things I’ve grown from the swap include achocha and strawberry sweetcorn, although I’m not sure yet it has been warm enough for the sweetcorn to ripen properly.

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It is very beautiful - rather like a Victoria plum! How does it taste?

Taste is good. But I expect it might be better in a warmer summer or climate - this is one that has only just managed to ripen in the cloudy and wet weather we’ve had for most of the late summer / autumn.