Veg growing for mental health?

I always feel good after I’ve spent some time in my little yard tending to my veg plants and ‘MacGyvering’ growing structures out of whatever I can get my hands on. I’m still a total growing noob with no solid idea about what I’m doing but just the faffing about aimlessly is still satisfying and a calming distraction from everyday city life. Does anyone else find the experience of veg growing a real mood lifter?


Oh yes totally agree, hands in the earth, head in the clouds, downtime.


This is a really interesting topic, thank you for starting it.

So do I! There is something relaxing and rejuvenating about handling soil, sowing seeds and watching plants grow.

One of my other reflections is that we are all looking for fulfilment in life. We do this in different ways - and there is a lot of pressure in modern society from marketing to achieve fulfilment by shopping. We will be happier if we have X, Y or Z.

I have found growing an excellent, longer lasting and more rewarding route to fulfilment than any shopping. And while I haven’t become totally immune to marketing, I definitely feel I am lot harder to seduce than I used to be!

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Oh absolutely - it’s so joyful to see things grow (and they are slightly lower maintenance than my kids :rofl:)

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I certainly do. Today I discovered the first tiny sorrel and ribwort plantain plants coming out of the soil. I watered them with a smile on my face. I also enjoy the small ecosystem that is coming to life on my balcony. The worms in the wormery living their lives in my fruit and vegetable waste. The compost fertilizing my chards and spinach. And yesterday I saw a great tit eating a spider that made his web in the lemon tree. And I think the young blue tits in the cavity wall can fly out any day now. The adult birds are flying back and forth with food. I never realized that all this was possible on two small balconies of 4-5 square meters.