This month (March) in your container garden

What are you up to this month? If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, will you be sowing things this month? Anything ready to harvest?
If you live in another climate, we’d love to here what you are up to.

Here in Newcastle, none of the chilli seeds I sowed last month germinated… (propagator too hot, seeds too old?) so I am starting again. I’ve also sown some peas and a few hardy salads outside.

I’m harvesting spinach, pea shoots, land cress and rhubarb and some hardy herbs like bay, thyme and rosemary.

Tips for what to do this month (Northern Hemisphere):

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I’m in the Northern hemisphere (Vancouver BC Canada), so we’ve finally seen the last of the snow and freezing temperatures! I’ll be waiting another 2 weeks, then adding more manure to top up my raised box bed, and then turning the soil. Salads, kale, and peas will be my first garden-sown seeds. I can hardly wait!! I still have several small kale plants, but want a few more.