Supporting Veg in Containers- Show Off Your Pics and Tips!

Any tips on supporting veg in containers? I have a leaning tower of beans this year, and totally ineffective tomato supports. It’s complicated by the fact that the tomatoes have a reservoir in the bottom and if I push the canes too hard they’ll pierce it. I’m also tempted to try tromboncino squash, but don’t really have a wall, and would love to try taller tomatoes one year. So what are your tips for good diy plant supports?

Grouping the containers and joining them into more stable shapes by tying in canes along the top helps. Or leaning taller canes towards each other from the individual pots and tying the tops together so that your pyramid has a wider base. It really is difficult if you don’t have anywhere to put a trellis or a drain pipe to tie things to. Tromboncino is very, very vigorous in my experience and needs a very big pot to get enough nutrition. It would certainly need more support than canes give unless you are willing to let it completely take over your paving.

I can’t see from that how much space you have but I’ve seen free standing square or rectangular frames built of treated timber, with pots placed beside the uprights. But not done it myself.

And worth looking at the end of the season for metal obelisks etc at greatly reduced prices for next year’s growing. I’ve found them very stable in big pots. Far more stable than canes.