Super seedlings? What's going on?!


I appear to be growing the X-men of the plant world! My baby cucumber, tomato, cherry tomato sweet pepper and strawberry seedlings are all already trying to produce fruit. What should I do? Should I pinch off the flowers until the plants are a bit bigger/stronger? This is mental! :hushed:Preformatted text


You do that! (these things can happen)
At the moment you want to encourage vegetative growth, aka green leaves and stems, and discourage generative growth like in flowers and fruit.
For sweet pepper and chilli plants (maybe for all capsicum?) it’s even recommended to pinch the first flower (in Germany it’s called ‘Königsblüte’ = royal flower ) to propagate growth and the number of fruit.

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Thanks @dieroteiris. I’ll go out and pinch them all out. So bizarre for them all to decide to fruit so early!


Yeah. Where are you from? Did you also have a uncommonly warm and dry spring (like we did/do in germany)? If so this may be an explanation.

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I’m from the South Coast of the UK. It has been warm very early this year.


Hello dieroteiris, Pepper plants, sweet and hot, increase their canopy when you prune them. That way you get a lot more fruit. Tomatoes fall into the same category. But, you need to do the pruning early in the growing season because it takes a while for the plants to put out more shoots.