Success with Goji berries - anyone?


For the second time I’m growing goji berries. This lot (pictured below) were started last year. On both occasions I’ve had lots of leaves but no fruit (although I did get some flowers last autumn).

I’ve heard others have had the same experience.

Has anyone grown them successfully? Are there any tips to grow them (and get fruits!) more successfully?


I am growing a goji berry and it is growing prolifically+++. I need to check if the fruit is on the new growth or last years stems. Though I did get 3 berries!
I plan to re-google how to prune after it has had a chance to flower and fruit.


According to my James Wong book they thrive in poor soil with no feeding and little watering and fruit on year old branches. Are you feeding or pruning your plant?


It is very easy to grow the plants but getting them to fruit is another matter. They like a calcareous soil and quite a bit of heat in summer. I’m living in Ireland and I can fruit them in a greenhouse but not in the open garden, even in full sun. And I have better things to use my greenhouse space on since I’ve never managed to get a big crop. But they do well in containers and if I had a south facing patio or balcony I’d probably give them another go, if only for the swank factor.Especially if I lived in a city and got the extra heat bonus from buildings and traffic. In a spot like the one in the picture I’d be more likely to go for blackcurrants. Equally high in vitamins and really easy to get big crops off. Or gooseberries - but not if I had children who would complain if they got scratched. Mine never did but many children nowadays seem to think fruit should come without thorns. Patio peaches and nectarines give amazing crops if you can keep the rain off to stop them getting silver leaf. As do figs

Goji fruit on side branches so it’s a good idea to pinch out the growing point from time to time. Even in the greenhouse I found it took at least three years to get something worthwhile, and five years from seed



Welcome Kathryn! And thanks for sharing your experience, really helpful - and what you say about being easy to grow and hard to get berries backs up my hunch.

Mine are on a south facing wall - but due to surrounding trees they don’t quite get full sun and it is quite exposed to the wind. My guess is it might be a bit marginal, from what you say, but I’ll persevere for a couple more years (at least with one of the plants). I’ve had a hardy kiwi in the same area for five years - and that has grown well but I’ve still not had any kiwis off it (it’s a self fertile variety so it should be ok).

Thanks for sharing this, useful tips. It can sometimes be tricky to know how to translate advice about growing in the ground to growing in pots as the water and minerals etc available can be so different. My goji plants seem to drink their water quite quickly look quite stressed if I don’t want them regularly. Maybe I should try watering and feeding one more than the other and see what happens!

Hurrah! That is my first goal, I’ve never tasted a fresh goji. What time of year did they come?