Skinny Rhubarb stalks

I brought a rhubarb crown down from the allotment, and grew it in a large pot, which worked very well for year one and not so well in year two. Earlier this year I put it into the ground, whereupon it produced about thirty pencil thin stalks and corresponding small leaves and no big stalks at all. What the heck has happened??

Is your plant getting plenty of water? Rhubarb seems to need lots of water to do well - so I wonder if that might be part of the problem?

My guess would also be to not enough water.
Or maybe it just needs some time to get used to it’s new home?
You said you … transplanted (is that the right term? I’m not a native speaker) the rhubarb at the beginning of this year, so for the next moths it mostly needs to grow new roots, the stalks and leaves will have to wait a bit :wink:

Thanks - you both present good points. Maybe it was a bit late in the year to move it, and I have started to give it a bucketful of water every day!

Sounds good.
Dealing with nature you often need to have patience… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup, now you say it, I think it is quite common for rhubarb to take a year or two to settle in. It might be that the thin stalks are a sign of stress from being moved. But I’d guess that if it is happy in its new place, it will produce much better next year.

I love my rhubarb plants - they are one of those seasonal treats I look forward to every year. We had smoked mackerel and rhubarb chutney last night - delicious. In fact I might start a new recipe section for rhubarb!