Shady spaces ideas?

We have an area that gets almost zero sun. Its up against a wall. There is a raised bed there. I have had watercress grow in it well enough but want to try something else (there’s only so much watercress you can eat!). Any thoughts? i am wondering about salad leaves/rocket or perhaps a vegetable

Mmm, it’s tricky with no sun. It’s useful to learn that watercress has done well for you.

I once had a backyard with pretty much no direct sun and I found most of the microgreens did well - particularly pea shoots and fava shoots. I think wild garlic would be good for you too - and has the benefit that once planted it will come up every year, and has pretty white flowers as well.

I wrote a post on the topic a while back - you might find a few more ideas in that - and I’m sure others here will have suggestions.

Hi Pauld :slightly_smiling_face: Mint and chives do well in the shady spots in my garden. Dunno what else to suggest I’m afraid…

Any suggestions of where to start?