Potatoes with no flowers


Why have all the potatoes I have grown in containers produced no flowers?


Do you know what variety they are Rosie - or if they are ‘early’ or ‘main crop’ potatoes?

Main crop potatoes take longer to mature and so probably wouldn’t be flowering yet.


They were early varieties. They cropped quite well, tasted lovely but definitely had no flowers. I thought all potatoes had flowers?


In my experience, potatoes do usually flower - but I wouldn’t call myself a potato expert!

I have found that flowering isn’t always a reliable indication that the potatoes are ready to eat (as it’s sometimes said to be). So one possible explanation is that your potatoes were ready before they flowered.

Often the flowers drop off after flowering so, if you’ve been away, it might be possible that the plants flowered without you noticing them.

The mysteries of growing.


Thanks for that, Mark.