Poorly cucumber plant


My cucumber plant doesn’t look very well. It’s supposed to be a baby cucumber variety but looks sick. The leaf edges are yellow and leaves feel crispy. It also doesn’t appear to have any new shoots growing. Any idea what’s up with it or if it’s salvageable? :confused:



It looks to me like it might be wind / cold damage. Is that possible?

Courgettes and cucumbers don’t really like the move from indoors to outddoors, particularly early in the season when night’s can be cold and it can be windy. I sometimes put mine under a cloche (eg a water cooler bottle) to help them acclimatise (pic below).

With some warmer weather, hopefully it will come round. But you might want to sow a couple more seeds inside as insurance, just in case. You’ll still have time to plant them out and get cucumbers - and they’ll be much easier to get going outside in a few weeks time.

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Thanks for the reply Mark. I did plant it out during a period of warmth but then it got cold again quite quickly at night so maybe that’s it. It looks like the growing tip has disappeared too - do they come back? Think I’ll take your advice and plant a couple of seeds indoors if it’s not too late and just in case this fella doesn’t survive.