Plant ideas for a DIY planter

Hi all - my first post!

I am making a DIY planter out of a pallet (will look a bit like this:


It’ll live on a relatively north-facing roof terrace and I’m looking for some advice/suggestions on some good things to plant in it. Currently thinking some nasturtiums and some herbs but am quite a novice so all advice welcome!

Thank you


Hi Slappin :wave:

I made a pallet planter last year. I put basil, coriander, parsley and a chilli plant (in the top bit) in it. It’s right outside my kitchen door so was great for quick access to stuff while cooking. Everything in it died off in the winter but the parsley is still going strong.

Might have a pic somewhere (without the plants).

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bit boring without anything in it but you get the idea…


Looks great! Thank you - will try similar and add pics if it’s a success :slight_smile:

Coming along nicely I think…I put some geranium plugs in along with some nasturtium seeds (and some other seeds I’ve now forgetten…) in the bottom two rows, and some herbs on the top. Looking forward to watching it fill out!


Looking good! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks fab! I’d love to try this :heart:

The pallet garden I made last year made the flowers much happier than the herbs I tried. I also made the mistake of putting mint in which eventually spread everywhere (mine was one big growing space, not seperated as in the photos). As for north facing ideas I have mint and lemon balm growing in pretty shady spots (in pots) and both are quite happy. The lemon balm died back over winter and is now huge. This year I’m trying salad in a gutter garden which is going pretty well so far. It’s not getting a huge amount of sun either.


Those lettuces are certainly looking very happy. Nice project.

Love the look of the gutter garden!