Oyster plant tips?

On a whim I bought an oyster plant, and it has just started growing its succulent leaves. What do I need to know about it and how do I eat it?

It’s a beautiful and unusual plant. It is hardy and relatively easy to look after. Mine is about five years old and has mostly been neglected! I think it benefits from a well drained soil so I grow in a gritty mix in one of those black flower buckets. The leaves do taste distinctly oysterish. I confess I’ve not really grasped totally how to use it in cooking. In restaurants it is often used as a garnish of shellfish or fish dishes, I think.

I know @Therese.JFR grows it so may be able to add some other thoughts. Anyone else?

I was just wondering how you got on with your oyster plant this year, Sheila?

The snails ate it. L

That’s what happens every time I try to grow it