Online seed suppliers UK

This is a Wiki post (anyone can add to / edit it) to share the best places to get seeds online in the UK. Many of these suppliers will also ship throughout Europe and other countries, too. Wikis on seed suppliers for other countries are warmly invited.

  • Real Seeds. Superb range of seeds for the home grower - many heirloom and unusual varieties like fat baby achocha, Boston squash, and asparagus kale. Also some early ripening tomatoes and chillies (handy in the UK climate). Each pack comes with seed saving advice. Not the cheapest but an excellent small company, worth supporting.

  • Tamar organics. Excellent selection of organic seeds, fast service, excellent prices. They offer a variety of pack sizes - useful if you need lots of seeds for microgreens or community growing. Recommended.

  • CN Seeds. Specialists in salad leaves (huge selection!) and herbs and stock other veg including an open pollinated tomato range. Reliable, high quality seed. Used by many commercial growers. Choice of pack size. The downside is £50 minimum order - so club together with others or stock up for several years!

  • Heritage seed library. Not really a conventional seed supplier but a branch of the charity Garden Organic. In return for an annual subscription you can choose six varieties of heirloom seeds a year. A great project to support.

  • JBA seed potatoes: excellent range of top quality seed potatoes.

Not into paying online, suppliers who accept phone or postal orders would be welcome. I know that a lot do, and I do use them, but it was a bitter blow to find that Real Seeds only do online orders.

I think successful online seed companies like Real Seeds get more orders than they can handle - so not allowing phone or postal orders is probably a way for them to manage their demand. They also don’t have anyone permanently answering the phone so I guess taking telephone messages etc makes phone ordering potentially time consuming and problematic. Shame and frustrating if you don’t order online though.

Yes, I understand, but it is frustrating. If there is anything I really fancy I will just have to get someone to order for me and pay them later. Just because I am a Luddite …