Large labels and signs in our container gardens?

One of my favourite UK (and international) food growing project is Incredible Edible., that supports food growing in public places in the centre of the city.

To make more impact, many of their projects put up signs amidst the vegetables. Some of these are simply large plant labels to inform passers by what is growing. Others are more political with slogans like “food without plastic packaging” or “Zero food miles” or “Believe in the power of small actions”, “Eat and shop local”.

Obviously not all of us who have containers in view of the public will want to add any signs - but I’m interested in the potential it could have to raise awareness of food growing in small spaces. For example, I could maybe put up a sign like “I grew £900 of food in this front yard last year” or “Food doesn’t get fresher than this” or “Food tastes better with fresh herbs”. Lots of people walk past my house on the way to the metro and it might make stimulate some think about growing.

Anyway, I’m interested in your thoughts on this idea.

What words or slogans might you suggest for signs in a container garden?

Would you ever consider adding large plant labels or a sign to yours?

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Sounds like a great idea to me Mark, especially with your front garden as a fantastic example of what’s possible. Add your website address too so others can see how you achieved the yield?