Jerusalem artichokes to swap

I’ve got some spare Jerusalem artichoke tubers if anyone fancies trying them.

They grow surprisingly well in a container, just a bucket is fine and they don’t need a lot of sun either. Now is the perfect time of year to plant them.

I have enough for three or four people. Happy to swap for anything really - but would be particularly interested in trying another oca variety if anyone has any they can spare.

Read about how plant swaps work in our community here.

Here’s me with some growing in an old veg crate!

Hi Mark I’d love to have some of your jerusalem artichoke tubers if they are still around… will let you know at the weekend what I can offer in exchange. No oca I’m afraid, tho…


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Great! I’ll try and post them in a few days… How many tubers do you need? One is enough for a bucket, four to six for a large crate, in my experience.

Don’t worry about finding anything to swap now - something may come up in the future!

Hi Mark, 4-6 would be great; I’ll put a couple in a bucket in the back garden with other container things, and the rest in the allotment. A nice growth- taste- and slug-damage comparison:-) Will keep you posted on possibles for swapping. Many thanks!

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@Chrissy Hope your artichoke tubers arrived ok?

Hi Mark,

So sorry - I thought I’d emailed you with my thanks when they arrived quickly, but in retrospect I think all I did was see whether I could find a way to thank you on the website again, but got lost in the process…:frowning:

I put them in the fridge as they started sprouting wee knobs when left in the kitchen til a fine day like today for getting started in the garden again. Hope that’s ok?

Aha, I see down in the bottom a place which gives me the option to do either…

Can’t wait, they are meant to be quite prolific growers, but it’s the harvesting I’m after:-)


Oh that’s good - sorry meant to say, yes, do store in the fridge until you plant. They last well in the cool and much less well in warmer temps! I’d try to plant them in the next few weeks though. In my experience they grow pretty prolifically, so hopefully there will be lots to harvest.