Ideas for sprouting greens


Hi everyone,
My first post!
I have been reading a lot about buying (for example) dried peas from an Asian supermarket, soaking them and then planting them, ending up with ready to harvest pea shoots in 2-4 weeks!
Does anyone know of any other seeds I can buy from the food area of the supermarket, in bulk, which will produce edible shoots?
So far I have read that you can do this with:
Dried broad beans, dried mustard seeds, dried basil seeds, marrow fat peas, fava (spelling!) seeds.

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Rocket and cress are classics.
Also brown lentils, mungbeans and maybe fenugreek

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Hi Fran, I have two suggestions for you. Sunflower seeds are super easy to sprout and very cheap, if you buy in large bulk (I get mine from Amazon). They have a fresh, mild peanut flavour and are a good addition to salads. Also, there are hundreds & hundreds of very helpful videos on YouTube to give you more ideas. Take care, cheers, Sean


Hi Fran - and a warm welcome. I’ve just been away so I’m a bit late to this conversation. But growing from supermarket seeds has been something I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with over the years. To add to your list - and the other excellent suggestions so far - you can also grow the following store ingredients.

  • chick peas - pretty leaves and nice for bulking up salads.
  • Fennel
  • Dill
  • Halloon (from Asian stores) - super fast growing and tastes like cress
  • Popcorn - grow in the dark for sweeter tasting shoots.
  • Coriander - fantastic flavour, one of my favourites.

And yes, fenugreek is one of the easiest to grow. Very distinctive taste, though, that is not for everyone.

And I’m sure there must be lots more!?