Ideas for an office balcony

Looking for ideas

I work on the top floor of a co-working space in Central London with some fabulous views and access to some balconies facing due East. We get a LOT of sun most of the morning, but not much in the afternoon.

I would like to suggest we put out some containers and grow something together - not just pretty plants, but a collaborative growing effort. I’d like it to be something reasonably attractive but also something we can all share when done.

I’m tempted to go for some hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes, and/or some tubs with larger tomatoes, but not sure what else to suggest to my boss (the CEO).

He recently asked for some ideas for collaborative projects, and I’m SURE this is not what he had in mind, but I was feeling creative … but may need more help!

This is a balcony that one of my blog readers in Italy created for their office a few years back. It is all ingredients for their office lunches…

For tomatoes, I’d stick with cherry tomatoes (in hanging baskets or vining ones in larger tubs) as they ripen much better in our climate, particularly in an east facing position.

Microgreens - pea shoots, sunflower shoots, coriander, basil - are good as they grow in just 2 - 4 weeks so everyone will see a quick result. Can be harvested for a team (gourmet) salad lunch. You could grow a few edible flowers, nasturtiums, society garlic and violas, to add colour and fun to both your salads and your growing.

To make your salads even more gourmet, you could add in some herbs - delicious herbs to add to salads include: parsley, mint and basil (these can all be grown by putting supermarket herbs in larger pots), oregano, chives and tarragon. Many of these flower and can look quite pretty, too - and most are perennial so would last many years.

Another fun project for the office would be growing herbs for your office tea: mint, lemon verbena, camomile and lemon grass make nice tea - and I’m sure there are others.

Or you could grow a selection of chillies of different heats for a chilli eating competition…

Very exciting project, am sure you’ll get lots of other ideas, too.

Let us know what you decide to do - and if you need any advice on pots or watering or anything, just ask.

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What he said.
I was also going to suggest different kinds of salad, rocket and herbs (I like the tea herb idea)

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