Help! Ticks living on my veg plants


I seem to have a group of ticks (I’m not great at bug identification, however that’s what I think they look most like) living on a pea plant I have planted in a pot in my back garden. I have a 2 year old who is keen to help in the garden, so am keen to get rid of these things so he doesn’t suffer a summer of tick bites. How do I get rid of these without using anything that will harm my peas or be dangerous to have in the garden with a child.


Hiya, you can try flushing them off with soapy water. Could you post a picture so we can identify them. Are you sure they are not black aphids? Eveline

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This is a picture of the bugs. Will be relieved if they are black aphids instead of ticks!



Thanks for posting the pics. To be honest @Jade I can’t identify what they are from them - can anyone else? That said I doubt they are ticks, I’ve certainly never had ticks on my plants. They look more like some sort of beetle or even ladybird larvae. Do they seem to be eating the plant at all? If not I guess you can leave them to get on with whatever they are doing…

Can anyone else shed any light on this?


They are definitely no ticks, a beetle of some kind, maybe a flea beetle if the jump. Eveline


I think there’s a website called (or something similar) that is dedicated solely to identifying insects. Maybe they can help?

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I live in tick country and the bugs in your pictures do not look like ticks to me. You could get some guinea fowl, they are tick eating machines and they don’t destroy your garden like chickens do. Kind of noisy though, Reportedly one guinea fowl can keep five acres free of ticks.

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