Help my papaya tree

Has anyone grown papaya before? My papaya tree has yellowing leaves.

I think I might be over watering it. But it droops every morning in the hot sun and would revive after getting some water.

I grew this from a seedling given to me by a neighbour over a year ago. It’s been hanging on for dear life despite my neglect. I hope to see it bear fruit one day.

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Sadly not hot enough here to grow Papaya so I can only draw on my experience of growing other fruit in pots to offer some ideas of what might be happening…

I think the fact it gets droopy leaves and revives after water is a clue it might not be in a big enough pot? I find that most fruit trees benefit from being repotted each year. If space permits, moving them to a bigger pot gives them more root space - and bigger pots will also hold more water to keep your plant going during the day. Repotting also enables you to add fresh compost and nutrients (eg worm compost or slow release fertiliser). The fact that some of the leaves on your tree are yellow might be an indication that it might be low on nutrients.

My last thought is that if lack of water is an issue for the plant, you may want to remove the other plant in the pot and replace it with a mulch of bulk or stones, as this will help retain moisture and reduce competition for nutrients.

Anyone else have any ideas to help Fen?

EDIT: one way to tell if it has outgrown its pot is to put the pot and tree on their side and gently ease the tree out of its pot. If you can see the roots in a mat all round the sides of the pot, it has outgrown its pot - and either needs root pruning or putting in a larger pot.

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What are you feeding your Papaya on? Because it is in a pot it will need regular feeding.Its leaves should be a nice green with no tingles of yellow.
I should feed it and water it in the evening when it is cooler and this will help the plant take up nutrients with the water.Make sure you give your plant a good general fertiliser with plenty of Nitrogen.I grew papayas many many years ago in Malaysia but in the ground not in a pot.
Best of luck.

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I concur with the previous answers. I think your plant is hungry and needs some fertiliser and maybe also a bigger pot. the bigger pot and the new soil will help you with the nutrient problem, but I think you will need to feed it on a regular basis in the future (at the latest when the leaves begin to turn yellow again)

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Thank you everyone for your tips. My apologies for not responding earlier.

I removed the other plant in the pot (it was mint running rampant!), gave it some fertiliser and it’s doing much better now.

I don’t think the pot size is a problem because the person who gave me the papaya sapling had several fruiting trees in containers of the same size.

Anyway, my papaya tree is alive and well. Keeping my fingers crossed for a fruit or two.

Once again, thanks everyone.

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Ah, that is great news! Yes, pot size is interesting, most large plants do seem to be happiest in big pots but there are exceptions. I’ve noticed that my bay seems to be happier when its roots are somewhat restricted - I haven’t repotted mine for three years and it is growing better than ever. Maybe papaya is like that, too.