Hello! 😀 Introduce Yourself


I’m so excited to welcome you to the Vertical Veg Community.

I thought I’d start a topic where we can all say hello and quickly introduce ourselves. To get the ball rolling, I’ll start…

I’m Mark. I now live in Newcastle, in the North of the UK and grow in containers at the front and back of my house - lots of herbs, veg and fruit. After many years on waiting lists, I also finally have an allotment - but my spiritual home, and main interest is still in containers. Below is a pic of my front yard.

I started growing in containers on my balcony in London ten years ago when I couldn’t get an allotment. I quickly became hooked! I was amazed by all the delicious crops I could grow and how much we could get to eat from such a small space. And genuinely surprised by how I got to know many of my neighbours for the first time, interacted more with wildlife, and generally just felt more fulfilled about living in a city.


Me and my garden

I’m Rachel and I’m living in Worcestershire, UK, where we are lucky enough to have a garden, an allotment AND pots to grow in. The pots are large - tree pots from a nursery that was closing down - and we’ve got about fifteen of them against a south-facing fence. We can’t put anything in the ground there, as it is full of leylandii roots from the overgrown hedge that used to be there, but they’re very good for growing beans, achocha, herbs, smaller cucurbits, etc. I particularly like growing unusual vegetables, especially perennials and other plants that give a lot without needing too much attention.


I’m Becca and I live in Splott, Cardiff. I am practicing my growing skills (and learning new ones) in my small urban garden until the day I get my hands on a larger patch of land!

I run a local social enterprise called Green City Events where we help inspire our participants to live greener lifestyles and connect to their own community. We host events, workshops and activities across South Wales…and sometimes further.

Oh and I LOVE growing tomatoes! Here’s some from last year…



My name is Thérèse and I live in Bristol, in the South-west of England. I started to grow veg, fruit and flowers in containers at home in the the Spring of 2012. I first started with herbs and a small Chilean guava plant in a corner of my patio. Little by little, my growing space has invaded the whole back garden and And I also have a large home-made wooden container at the front of my house where, at the moment, I have a Japanese pumpkin and nasturtiums growing.


Wow, Becca, those are fabulous, perfect looking tomatoes! Do you remember what variety they are?

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Lovely to see you here, Therese - and well done for working out how to add a photo and an avatar image, that was fast work!


Thank you!

Yes, I managed to add a photo! I don’t know how but I did! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

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Yeay, @brooks.rachel, you were the first ever to post in our new community (well apart from me and I don’t count!).


Ohhh I think they might have been a naughty F1 hybrid variety from Wilko … I want to say Sweet million…there really were millions of them and they did seem to do very well BUT I promised not to buy them again if I couldn’t reliably seed save from them!


Hi all!
I’m Emma and I live on the South Coast of England. I am a total veg noob. Never grown anything in my life! I have a space in my back yard with approx. 8ft x 3ft of concrete on which I’ve managed to fit a Vegtrug wallhugger, a chimney pot, a ceramic strawberry planter and 2 hanging baskets (my old skate helmets). I plan to convert an old pallet into a wall planter for some herbs too. Currently (attempting) to grow courgettes, beetroot (stripey ones!), cherry tomatoes, strawberries, runner beans, a sweet pepper and salad leaves. I have no idea what I’m doing but thought I’d dive straight in!

BIG NEWS: I found what looks to be A TINY TOMATO on one of my plants this morning!!! does little dance :tomato::star_struck:


Welcome Emma - you are in the right place! I learnt soooooo many tomato tips from this community. In fact I made a whole series of vlogs about tomato growing! Take a look if you fancy it: http://www.greencityevents.co.uk/category/the-tomato-diaries/

Scroll down to get to diary no 6/7 to start!

Becca x


Hi becca - I shall most definitely take a look at your tomato vlogs (I’m only ever really on the computer at work so will have to be sneaky about it when the boss isn’t looking!).


Hello all!

I’m Robert, an inexperienced gardener and grower but with a new interest to create something I can enjoy with my kids. I live in South East London and while I do this in my garden, because I have to protect my plants from marauding urban wildlife, I might as well be growing stuff in boxes and cages rather than “in the wild”.

I’m actually more of a tech / media / community person so I am also helping @VerticalVeg with some technical details of launching this site, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me too! However, don’t bother asking me anything about growing … I’m here only to learn


Delighted you’ve joined, Emma - welcome. And congratulations on your first tiny tomatoes. That is exciting.

You’ve got a super collection of plants on the go - good start! Feel free to ask questions / tap into the experience of others in this community, we all enjoy helping each other!

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Ooh, I’d love to see a picture of your growing in the skate helmets… so creative!

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Hello to everybody :smile:

I’m Janne and I grow in Copenhagen, Denmark. After quite a few years as a container gardener in the communal back yard of my building in the city, I was lucky enough to reach the top of the waiting list for an allotment last year. So I expanded operations, which seems to be what a lot of us “hooked” container gardeners do.

The allotment is quite large, so I hardly grow in pots anymore due to the lack of time - with the exception of a few tomatoes, chilies and peppers in a small greenhouse. The tomatoes seem to be going down fast with blight, though, so nothing much to be happy about there.
I’m so happy with the VV community, so i keep hanging out here!

My partner in crime in the garden is my son who’s 13 and a very enthusiastic potato-grower.


I’ll see if I can work out how to upload the pics here :slight_smile:


Here’s the pics of my skate helmets planted with tomato and strawberry seedlings. The white helmet saved me from a severe concussion when I fell and landed on my head so I thought I’d reward it with a retirement position as Strawberry holder!

The plants are much bigger now and flowering so hopefully I’ll see some fruit soon!

@jannetoft Copenhagen is on my list of cities to visit one day as it looks awesome!


Mark knows my balcony because he installed the recycling boxes as planters many years ago now. I tend to grown salady things there because it faces north and only gets afternoon sun. Tomatoes do best in the front which faces south. I have pots and chimney pots out front as well as two raised beds. And tiny tomatoes do great on the front windowsills on the first floor. In June I am harvesting strawberries, redcurrants, mangetout peas, mixed oriental salad leaves, onions, garlic, various herbs. I love going out and picking my lunch. Fresh tastes so good.


Welcome to our new community, @susan and impressed those recycle box containers are still going. That does seem a long time ago now. Salad looks very tasty too.