Grow together - tomatoes

I was cheating by using a grow light. If I do this next year I will do some without grow light.

If they have been going outside for a week or two, it’s a good idea to leave them out in warmer nights to help them acclimatise. Bring them in if cold or windy for the next week or two - then they can probably stay out.

I moved mine out a bit too early, I think I started them too early and they were getting too big for the inside space. I’m hoping if we can get a few weeks of warm weather they will take off. I think next year I may invest in some grow lights to increase my inside growing space.

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I sowed my tomatoes seeds just a week ago.Having fired up my propagator they all seem to be germinating well.I am a bit late with chillies but have sown some in the hope that they will catch up.Also in the propagator are some tomatillos and with a little space remaining I have popped in a few courgettes hoping that I may get an early crop.
All seeds have been sown in Costa cardboard coffee cups using Biochar seed compost.I have kept my propagator at about 21 degrees but we had some frosty nights so I increased it to 23.
As soon as the tomatoes have their second leaves I shall prick them out into peat pots where they will stay until ready for their final potting on.Fingers crossed!

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Been there, done that! It’s amazing how fast they grow, isn’t it. In fact, I still make that mistake from time to time. What I try to do now is start a couple early (for early tomatoes) and then start the rest later on.

I’ve found a grow light really helpful to raise strong seedlings inside - particularly chilli and aubergines that ideally do need to be sown in February or early March when light levels are low outside.

BTW your tomato plants are looking good - green, sturdy and healthy.

I was late planting my tomato seeds, but they are now 2-3 inches tall but too small to pot on. I have un-named large spanish tomato seedling, brandy wine and an un-named small very sweet tomato. These are all saved seeds from good looking tomatoes from last year .Interestingly none of the cherokee seeds germinated.

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I have made a large quantity of comfrey tea in an old waste bin.
Can I use it neat - or does it need diluted?

Dilute it - usually about 1:10. (Of course the strength varies depending on how you make it but this is the usual rule of thumb.)

Finally, it is warm enough (fingers crossed) here in Newcastle to put my tomatoes out in their final place - a job for this weekend. They are in bad need of support - which I will do with strings.

In the meantime, here they are looking a bit sorry for themselves - but most do have flowers and even small green tomatoes!

It’s been a challenging couple of growing weeks since I posted the last tomato update. We’ve had strong winds almost every day, lots of grey days, heavy rain and cold nights. The tomatoes don’t like it! But they are still alive - and normally they come round quite well in warmer weather… here’s hoping we get some!

The Grow together tomatoes are the two at the back - supported by strings. You might be able to see that, despite the weather, one of the plants has a truss of green tomatoes!

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Well it is warm here in London and my tomatoes are now huge and thug like!! I think I must have missed some pinching off I was supposed to be doing.

Ha, ha, yes it is easy for that to happen. They will still fruit but they can get a bit out of hand! Before I learnt about pinching out side shoots, I had one that took over a whole windowsill.

With a bit of warmer weather, the tomatoes are looking a lot happier than they were. I’ve also sprayed the leaves once a week with liquid seaweed which I think helps them grow stronger. The “Grow Together” ones are at the back of the containers.

And the first green tomatoes can be seen - although I suspect it will be another week or two until they are ripen enough to eat.

These tomatoes are growing in compost from last year with added worm compost and some fertiliser. So it will be interesting to see how they do.

My tomatoes are coming on, but some of the flowers still haven’t dropped off yet. I have a feeling that they are all going to harvest when we are away on holiday!


Looking good Sara - hopefully they will still be fruiting long after you get back from holiday. Tomatoes often go on to late October / early November even here in Newcastle! Where are you Sara?

So we’ve had our first ripe tomatoes. Yeay!! It’s been a bit warmer and they are doing pretty well… although I suspect I might have added a bit much fertiliser to the compost (they are growing in old compost so some nutrients needed adding), as the plants are growing rather large and leafy (often a sign of too much nitrogen).

Here are the Sungold tomatoes ripening

and the Gardener’s delight (black cherry still a bit behind).

I’m in London. I’m wondering now if I’ve overfed them as they are pretty leafy. But generally I’ve underfed everything in the past so hopefully I’ll start to find a balance!

I notice some posts from people who have grown from seeds saved from tomatoes. I did this too and now have an interesting interloper plant!

I’ve been happily harvesting lots of cherry tomatoes from my balcony garden, but one seedling didn’t look quite right from the beginning. It’s stem is slightly thicker and hairier than my other tomato plants, it’s leaves are more heart-shaped and they don’t have that unique tomato plant scent.

Their flowers look the same as my other tomatoes, but the fruit is slightly longer and is has faint dark green stripes. Knowing the nightshade family is full of weird and inedible things, I wondered what you thought might have happened? I’m more curious than anything! If I can work out how to post a photo I will :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Apologies for slow reply @TreaclePie, I’m just back from being away. From what I can see in your picture, it looks like a tomato to me - but I’d need to see another picture to be sure. Sometimes you do get odd seeds in a pack - or, if you are using home made compost of some sort, it’s common to get random tomato seeds that germinate in it.

Tomato update… well, the tomato plants have grown well and are yielding plenty of tomatoes… BUT the weather here has not been warm or sunny enough for them to ripen well. Finally getting a few but it is very late in the year for this (normally I get a few in late July and lots by early August). Now hoping for a few sunny autumnal days!


We’ve had a lot of rain and strong winds recently and the tomato plants have not liked it… Actually most of the plants look quite dead, but luckily the tomatoes are still ripening on them.

The two black cherry tomatoes (one on the right in the photo below) have noticeably given much better yields than the two Sungolds (on the left), which is interesting. As you can see, still lots more to ripen, if we can get some more sun!