Grow together - pea and fava shoots

Pea and fava shoots can be grown most of the year - and often do particularly well from later March / early April sowings.

They are a brilliant container crop IMHO and particularly if you’ve not grown much before.

If you grow some, you can share progress / ask questions in this thread.

Here’s a video of me sowing mine:


A couple of questions!

Do you buy special beans/peas or sprout the kind we would eat from the supermarket? Also you said the ones you planted in Oct had kept you going for ages - do you pick a bit off and they keep growing or do you harvest the whole lot?

Great questions.

You can grow the dried peas you buy in the supermarket. Marrowfat peas work really well. You can get fava beans / ful medames from middle eastern shops. You can buy great quality dried peas and beans in the UK from Hodmedod.

How long you can harvest a tray of pea or bean shoots depends a lot on the temperature. So the October sown shoots kept going for ages because it was cool. You can usually only harvest spring sown shoots for a few weeks. Some will sometimes grow back after cutting but not always.

You can read more about how to grow fava shoots andpea shoots on my blog.

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The weather has mainly been cold here over the last couple of weeks so germination of the shoots has been slower than normal… but they are on their way.


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Thanks for Hodmedod’s details, here is my first attempts nearly two weeks on.

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Five weeks and one day after sowing (quite slow due to three cold weeks at the start) the pea and fava shoots are just about ready to harvest. There will be a lot to eat off these two trays - which is one reason why I love to grow them. Of course I hope they will taste delicious, too.


Finally got some peas yesterday - will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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So I harvested the pea and fava shoots fairly heavily over three weeks and they are now just about done…

There is just the odd pea and fava shoot to pick, and I might get a few more if left, but I will probably compost this in the next day or two and start again.

I didn’t weigh this batch but I guess I got at least 1/2 kilo of leaves off the two trays - and they formed the bulk of our salads on several days over three weeks.

They are just a fabulous crop for small spaces.