Grow together - lemon grass

The lemon grass at the back (the second, fresher batch I planted) have distinctive looking green shoots coming from the top. This is a good sign! The first lot still show little sign of growth.

I’ve managed to get roots and shoots before just by popping it in a glass with a little water in the bottom but didn’t know what to do after that! Would love to grow some :grin:

Exciting! ALL four lemon grass stalks (even the two unpromising ones) are producing signs of new leaves. This is not yet a guarantee of success but is definitely looking promising…

Here’s what I’ve got so far, although I managed to get leaf growth once before with not much root action. I’ve got them on the heater this time though so fingers crossed!

That’s looking pretty encouraging to me! Particularly the first picture.

I just stuck the lemon grass stalk in compost last autumn and left it in an unheated greenhouse and forgot about it. When I next though about it when we had the warm spring, it was a beautiful plant. Not only growth of the original stems, but extra shoots a few inches away in the same pot. Maybe sometimes less is more - leave them to get on with it! Lemon grass seed has to be planted in the autumn, I am told.


Wow, that’s a great story! Where do you live? Do you know how cold it was in your greenhouse?

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A picture of my east Indian lemongrass. I have sown them on the 11th of may.

They are on my balcony at the north east side. They get sun from about an hour after sunrise to about 13:30.


Yay! They have germinated! That is sometimes the hardest thing growing herbs from seed. Congratulations.

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We grow a lot of lemongrass. You don’t need to trim the pieces so much, since they are a bit stressed from being cut for so long. I’m finding that they ‘catch’ quicker with bigger snipa. Oh, and they like to stay moist, maybe place them in a bag, and they do like warmth. This is where nice concrete slabs could come in handy…

Still going here. I’ve moved it off the heat because it was hard to remember to water it so it may have gotten dry on a few occasions.

I moved mine outside a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t exactly say it has flourished since then (there were quite a few cold nights) but it is still alive!

My East Indian lemongrass is growing steadily. Question: Are there too many plants in the pot?
(Silene is growing in the pot on the left.)

Sadly my lemon grass plant died because it’s too dark in my flat (I have to close the shutters every morning to keep the heat out) :frowning:

I’m not sure about the amount of plants in your pot, but I think yes, there are too many.

I’m not sure either, but I think as it grows like grass it won’t matter too much - as it will just keep on dividing until it fills up the pot.

Congratulations for growing it from seed.

And apologies for delayed reply, I’ve been away.

Well, looking back to my last pic three weeks ago, the lemon grass doesn’t seem to have made much progress… It is still growing, but maybe it hasn’t been quite warm enough for it.

How is everyone else’s coming on?

My East Indian lemongrass is also growing but not very fast. And some ends of the leaves are dead or burned. A short period it was very hot around here and later it was cool summer weather with rain.

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The easiest way is to start your lemon grass off in a glass of water in the kitchen! I have grown lemon grass for several years this way.When there is a good root mass pot on.I lost my lemon grass a few years ago to an early frost so it is not hardy.
I moved house so I don’t know if it grew the next year.My current plant is indoors in a conservatory.
I use a similar method for ginger but look for some that may sprout.When it does I pot it on.Current plant is about 3 feet tall.Will try som pics.


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Here is the lemon grass on the growing ladder… It has done ok but I think suffered a bit by being a bit crowded out by other plants on the ladder - and also the rather cool summer we have had. Still, there are a few stalks to pick and I know they will be much superior to any in the shops.