Fermented Daikon leaves

Is anyone growing daikon (long white radish)? I have some going in a pot and I’ve been eating the leaves.
They are delicious.

Just chop everything up finely, add some salt and let it ferment in a jar on your kitchen counter for a few days.

Cook some rice, add some of the fermented leaves and toasted sesame seeds, mix and serve with some shredded nori on top.


Sounds delicious! I’ve got some lactic acid pickled French beans in the fridge, and want to try lots of other veg, too. But I haven’t got any daikon. A few years ago I grew one that grew enormously from October to December outside in the UK, but last year’s attempt was much less successful. Can you recommend a good variety?

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Looks so delicious!!! I haven’t tried daikon yet. It is on my list though : )

That sounds scrummy. I haven’t grown daikon for ages but I remember that the leaves were my favourite part - never really found ways I liked to enjoy the roots, but will try again. It is fast growing and hardy and I think there might be just time to sow some in the UK now - so I’m tempted to try! Thanks for reminding me about this… also that I must learn how to ferment!

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That looks really nice! Thanks forthe photos too!

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We call it mooli in Hindi. The leaves are used medicinally (has many health benefits), so is often dried and sometimes powdered. The root we often grate and add to salads or cook into a flat bread (mooli paratha). Not sure if this is common, but I often squeeze by hand the juice from the grated mooli and drink it. In macrobiotic cooking they very often ferment the root. So very useful and healthy veg.


Super info, thanks for sharing Rakesh. I’m definitely adding mooli to my list for growing again this winter. Where are you growing @Rakesh?

A warm welcome to our community.

Thanks for the info, Rakesh. I’m growing mooli now in my tunnel, and am looking forward to eating the leaves as well as the roots. :slight_smile: