Climbing peas and beans


I am growing yard beans ( second year on the run) and victorian climbing peas ( first year).
The yard beans germinated easily indoors . Last year they were slow to get going outside and I felt they needed a bit more water and sun. But they certainly achieved vertical height, like the runner bean!
The victorian climbing peas sound so good when I read about them. ‘They are prolific, grow enormously to a great height and taste delicious.’ I tried to help the germination process by soaking them first, but left them soaking for longer than I meant. Planting them out though, they have been eaten by pigeons - perhaps I took off the protective cover too soon, thinking I was only needing this to protect against mice… I have about a dozen more seedlings growing well in the green house, so may leave one in the green house to get more seeds for next year, and plant the others out with lots of cut off plastic bottle protection.


Very interesting. These are sub-tropical, is that right? Do they need a lot of warmth and what do they taste like?

Sorry about your peas. I also find they can be temperamental in the early stages of growth - and often find I have to sow a second lot.