Best idea/design I've seen in a long while


Greetings All,
I’ve just stumbled on to this and thought it a must share for this community. I’ve sent this link to a local beekeeping org to get their feedback, as I’m very tempted to buy one myself. Cheers, Sean


That is a really interesting design, thanks for sharing Sean. I’ll be really interested to hear the feedback from your local beekeeping organisation.

I’m also interested in keeping bees at home one day. One issue that makes me a bit tentative about it is how they interact / compete with native bees. As I’ve heard that in some areas the key limiting factor is the number of flowers for them to pollinate (rather than the number of honey hives). I wouldn’t want to keep bees if they were to outcompete native bees. My guess is that depends in part on how many other homes in the local area are keeping bees - I wonder if there is a way to find this out?


Interesting - I’ve watched their video. I wonder how they clean the hive and renew the frames. let us know what your beekeeping association think.