Anything new in your container garden this year?


Are you trying anything for the first time this year? I always think it is quite fun and interesting to grow new things - and a great way to discover new crops you like.

Looking round, I realise I’ve got quite a few new things on the go at the moment, including:

  • A cherry tree (v excited about this…!)

  • Three cornered leeks (not quite sure what I do with this…?)

  • Serpent garlic (ditto?)

  • Strawberry popcorn

  • Edame beans

Quite of few of these I got from seed or plant swaps in our community. Thank you!

I’m also growing orach as microgreen for the first time. It’s from home saved seeds, and I’m loving it.

Cherry tree - not easy to see but it even has a couple of cherries.


Orach microgreens grown from home saved seed. They look so beautiful in a salad.


Serpent garlic… what do I do with this??


I am planning on getting some of the Malabar spinach in the ground and also the New Zealand spinach. It is nice to have home grown greens that can survive the heat of summer and at the same time reduce the 50 mile trips to civilization for shopping.

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I’ve got Summer Ball yellow courgette plants which hopefully will produce lovely round courgettes (plenty of stuffing planned!).

Also trying dwarf French Beans (think I’ve overcrowded these), yellow pear-shaped tomatoes, and my jalapeno seedling has just sprouted (not sure it’ll grow big enough to fruit though :thinking:)

Trying baby cucumbers too but think I’ve killed the plant already. Have taken Mark’s advice of starting off a new seed indoors.

Still don’t really know what I’m doing so I’ve mainly just used the tried and tested technique of “shoving some stuff in compost and waiting to see what happens”!


Growing microgreens. Off to a good start with hydroponics. My travels got pushed back a few weeks, so I’m going for organic greens :slight_smile:


Unfortunately my landlord is building a laneway house at the back of the house I live in [in the basement], and I am literally surrounded by mud and trenches. My big front yard garden boxes 8’x4’x2’ have been emptied and shoved against a neighbour’s fence. So I’m back to using pots again this year. And the only ‘safe’ place to have pots is in a rather shaded part of the backyard. Currently I have peas growing up in a semi-circle around tomatoes in several pots, lettuces and spinach in front of the 2 blueberry plants [large pots], chives/rosemary/lemon verbena/parsley all in one large herb pot, basil in another small one. This is clearly not the year to be growing squashes of any kind in pots as there’s no sunny spot for them - yet. Hopefully this mess will finally be landscaped by mid-end of summer, and I can start dreaming about next year!! Still, I’ve already picked several of the lettuces [4 different types] and herbs. Cheers from cool’ish Vancouver today.

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Ha, everything is new to me. But the picture shows my mushroom bucket. I have put in coffee ground for six weeks and now it is full. The mushroom spawn has grown and I hope is going to grow mushrooms. In my kitchen it is a bit on the warm side according to the instructions (10 - 21 degrees). So, I have put it outside for the moment. I will see what happens.

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I would love a cherry tree - what kind did you go for? Love the idea of edame beans too!
Nothing too exciting here as still getting the hang of everything and looking for containers to grow stuff in. I have butternut squash in and have bought some sorrel seeds :grin:


Sorrel is fantastic! I’ve tried many types of squash but never butternut, do let us know how it does.

The cherry is a Stella. I can’t claim any credit for the choice, my wife asked for it for a Christmas present… But I’m delighted to look after it for her - and will be very excited if we get some as it is one of my favourite fruits and they are so expensive to buy.

I feel for you! Glad to hear you are managing to grow something - your large herb pot sounds like a treasure trove of delights… how are the different herbs getting on together?

Exciting, mushrooms are such extraordinary things. I hope they grow well, look forward to hearing.


I have managed to get oregano to work this year and loving adding it to pasta dishes.
Also trying pea shoots and sunflower shoots for the first time. They are great to pop into salads. Also handy to pop in space around other plants.
I highly recommend sorrel as a high yield producing leaf in a small space. Mine even survived the winter which I wasn’t expecting.

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Lovely selection of new things Justine and totally agree about sorrel. We also really enjoy oregano in our salads - it sings of summer!