Any advice for my lemon tree?

I bought a lemon tree last year. It was in the livingroom this winter but it got lice. Because of the lice I put it outside. The lice disappeared but of course it was too cold. Now the tree is getting new leaves but also has dead (frozen) brown branches. I want to make the best of the tree. Any advice on what I can do, especially with the dead ends?

Congratulations, it’s still alive! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can cut everything that looks brown and dead. Maybe event cut some of the healthy, green stuff (the longer ones). This will strengthen the new sprouts.
Hopefully the nights will get warmer next week!

Thanks! I will follow your advice and cut the brown ends off and here in the Netherlands the night are getting above 10 degrees from now on.

Then you will have nothing to worry about - I think :wink: