About the Vertical Veg Community


Welcome to our community! The Vertical Veg community is the place to:

  • Connect with other container growers.
  • Enjoy learning; and
  • Celebrate the joys of growing

With people growing in containers all over the world, there are rarely occasions for us to meet, yet we all share strong common interests in growing our own food in small concrete spaces.

Take part to get answers and useful, relevant information from your peers – including favourite edibles to grow and helpful tips.

For new growers, it is also a great way to get help and suggestions from experienced growers about what and how to grow.

Enjoy learning
There is a lot of information about growing in containers on the Vertical Veg website, but members of our community also have lots of personal experience to share and many are experts themselves.

Share your favourite edible crops and your discoveries of them, your favourite recipes, and favourite tips and tricks.


Growing food is about more than just the plants in our pots.

It’s about the people we meet, the wildlife we interact with, the delicious, nutritious ingredients we grow and the meals we cook and share with our friends and families.

It’s about greening our streets and connecting with others in our area. It’s about a creative, magical, life-affirming hobby that enhances our lives and that offers and endless source of pleasure.

Explore the many ways that growing enriches our lives and see the world in a new light.

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